With growing numbers of Hindus with their roots in the province of Kerala, India, in London, ON, there was a need to organize the community, serve, preserve and promote its unique festivals, traditions, performing arts, Yoga and Vedanta among its members and its next generation. Hence, a group of Kerala Hindus in London, ON, came together in the summer of 2017 to found Tatvamasi/തത്ത്വമസി . Tat Tvam Asi (തത്ത്വമസി) is a Mahavakya or one of the four “Great Sayings” from the ancient Hindu text, the Upanishads. It means “Thou Art That” or “I am that” or “Thou Art That”. It refers to the unity of Atman (the individual self or soul) with Brahman (universal consciousness or the Absolute) and that everything in the universe or multiverse is one.

Our Vision

Channeling the dynamism and vitality of Kerala hindus to positively impact the community we thrive and humanity as a whole.

Our Mission

Engage Kerala Hindus into regular practice of Hinduism through Satsanga, Sadhana and self-development. Promotion of Hindu Art Forms and Kshetra-kalakal (temple art forms) through events / training with in the community.

Our Philosophy

Tatvamasi,  which is one of the Mahavakyas in Vedantic Sanatana Dharama.

Tatvamasi means – “You Are That” or “That is You”, the state of oneness. There is no difference between you[ the devotee ] and I [ the deity].

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